Locations so far

We get emails in all of the time from women who are wanting to be part of a Goddess Circle.  Unfortunately, a lot of them are uncomfortable starting one up if none is in existence.  Please do get in touch if you are interested, and we will put you all in touch with each other.

In the past, we have personally tried to aid setting up Goddess Circles, including going along to the location in person. We have decided this is an impossible task and are therefore changing how we encourage new Goddess Circles.  Pages are now set up to offer advice, ideas and give downloads of help to set up your Goddess Circle. If there is anything we can do to help you, please do just ask.

We are also including ideas of what to do within the Circles. We are trying to build a Sisterhood Community, so if you have ideas you would like to contribute,  we would love to include them.

We have enough women to start a Goddess Circle, but currently struggling to get it going.  Feel like hosting or co-ordinating this one?  Please do get in contact as it would be wonderful to see this one up and running again



We have a facilitator in East Grinstead trying to set up a different kind of Goddess Circle.  Being a single Mum with two daughters, Rachel would like this one to be for women and children (children accompanied by their mother/female carer), probably meeting in the daytime, outside when weather permits, based around support for each other, enjoying nature and understanding the changing seasons and how that effects our lives.

There is a circle here, not strictly a Goddess Circle, but I believe they call it a Moon Lodge and charge £5 towards costs of venue etc. If interested, in the first instance please contact us and we will forward Suzanne's email address.


There have been Goddess Circles in Littlehampton since 2005. As with all groups, we evolve all of the time, with some women leaving and some new joining us. We are open to hearing from you if you would like to join us. We meet on the third Thursday each month from 7pm-9pm, current dates are on the 'Whats On' page.  Open to new members.



WORTHING, West Sussexv
We have a regular Goddess Circle meeting once a month on the second Wednesday,  in a flat on the sea front so please contact us via email for details of venue.  The times are 7.30pm-9.30pm, current dates can be found on the 'What's On' page.  Open to new members.

We have several women interested in setting up a Goddess Circle in Eastbourne.  Please do contact us for more information.

Again, women interested in being part of a Goddess Circle, but need more participants and someone who would like to take on the main role to start with to get it up and running.

Update August 2014
There are many more locations, these will be added as continued interest is confirmed. 

Join Us ?

We are always looking at new ways to encourage participation, whether that is at events or Goddess Circles throughout the country. You can even keep track of what's happening on our facebook pages and join in with some of the current debates and actvities online

Feel free to like the link and come along with your comments and suggestions.