Sexuality and Feminine Power Workshop

This is one of my favourite workshops, and we were pleased to have some new faces join us at this one that took place in Southwick near Brighton.

We started with a chill out meditation followed by a few fun but enlightening questions about the more intimate parts of our anatomy. This is great fun to do, but can also reveal much about the thoughts, memories and views of the women there, being a good indicator of which direction to take the discussion. The discussion was superb, went well over it's allocated time slot as nobody wanted to stop the conversation – always a good sign that it's working!

The conversations covered subjects such as understanding our bodies, rites of passage, how we were each introduced to puberty and attitudes to our own bodies and bodily functions, the taboos of sexuality, sexual health, abuse, childbirth and much more. We also discussed the fairly recent and dangerous art of photo-shopped media images and how they affect women and girls attitude to their own bodies and trying to achieve an impossible shape.

The art and craft of the day was creating an image of a yoni using all sorts of craft materials, some results can be seen on this page. However, the discussion got so involved and took so long, that most of the artwork was done during the shared lunch – which is always a great way to get to know each other even more.

After lunch, we welcomed back Morgana, to take an afternoon workshop of Goddess Dance. Morgana starts the workshop by explaining about the dance and how to use it as a form of empowerment and becoming comfortable with ones own body. Everyone always enjoys Morgana's workshops and comes away feeling empowered. We certainly recommend going to her regular workshops if you get the opportunity. Please see Morgana's page for more details.


The day ended with the Global Sisterhood Meditation, which as usual produced some amazing results.

Female Sexuality

We hold a Sexuality and Feminine Power workshop every year around May to June

These are designed to embrace everything that is feminine and those who have attended in the past says it is one of the most empowering sessions they have been to.

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