Circle Ideas

Personal Journals

We encourage anyone who is part of TGF to keep an ongoing journal. It is great being part of a Goddess Circle, but writing things down are not only good for future reference, it makes sure you don't forget things and often brings out words from within or from guides or whatever. There are so many reasons for keeping a journal - after meditations there are often things you would like to remember, might like to jot down but not necessarily share with everyone else. Also a journal is good to keep by the bed to write down straight away when you have had a dream or vision. After all, whilst we share support and wisdom in our Goddess Circle, each of us has a unique spiritual path of our own and it's important to keep track of it.

Goddess Circle Journal

It would be great if each Goddess Circle kept their own Journal to record their progress and the activities they do. It could start with how you decided to run the Circle, a bit about each member, pictures, artwork, words about each subject you cover or maybe a project you are working on together. If each Circle keeps one, they can then be brought to each gathering for all of the Sisters to view, share ideas and inspiration. Just picture it, a big set up of tables with many GoddessCircle Journals for all to view - I can see it now!

Global Sisterhood Meditation

The Global Sisterhood Meditation is a large part of the magic we as women can work where ever we are, be that alone or within a group.

Please try and do this meditation on a regular basis, vary it a little with different women leading, and the times you don't do the whole meditation try and close your Goddess Circle with a visualisation meditation of the growing Sisterhood, women from all nations, standing together in that circle and sending loving, feminine energies out around the globe. The meditation is currently being recorded on CD, which will make it easier. Please contact us if you would like a copy. It will be
available to download from the website soon.


As we are each on a journey to re-discover our Inner Wisdom, it is important to include meditation as often as possible. For in peace we often find our answers, and what better way than meditation. Try something different sometimes and take a trip to the beach or trees, you will be amazed at the result.

Goal Mapping / Vision Boards

Something you could start off together to set your individual goals, or maybe even do one as a group at the same time. You could have a brief section at the beginning of each Circle to discuss how you are each getting on and offer support to each other. Perhaps pair up to support each other and be there at the end of the phone if you need a boost.

Confidence Building Exercises

One of our aims is empowerment, so anything we can do to encourage growing confidence is good. Public speaking, even in front of a small group, can be daunting to many. Start by taking it in turns to read short poems or stories. Build up to speaking two minutes then five minutes about a favourite subject. The subject could be anything from a recipe to a hobby, it matters not as long as it is a subject the person is very comfortable with. Before you know it you will all be ready to
take centre stage at the next Goddess Gathering!

Campaigns and Causes

You will find more about this on the Campaigns pages. Keep track of regular annual events such as International Women's Day, Fairtrade Fortnight, International Day of Peace. You could do something between yourselves or even try and put on an event or an awareness campaign.

There may be local or global issues you would like to work together for, raising funds or awareness. Is there a problem in you area with re-cycling or environmental issues? Maybe even fracking in your area?

Trips Out

When working through the elements it is great to go out and feel the earth, air, fire and water, not just talk about it. Find some rivers, build a fire, visit a cave, fly a kite.
Sacred places are a wonderful way of spending time. There are some amazing structures, not only Stone Circles but all sorts of religious buildings. It is interesting to see the differences and to sense the various energies.

More ideas

Fun Times

Never underestimate the power of laughter. Whether you go out or stay in, have some social evenings. Conversation over a cuppa brings some amazing results. Go out for a meal together, watch a film together – whatever you choose it's good to keep the fun and friendship as part of your Goddess Circle.

Arts and Crafts

It's always good to be creative, and you don't have to have a particular artistic talent to do so. Not only is it satisfying when you sit back and look at what you have made, but it is very bonding working with other women. Remember all of the tribal women all around the world that set their time aside for working together on various arts and crafts. An essential way of life in many places.

The list could be absolutely endless and is limited only by your imagination. Please remember that TGF is not just about personal spiritual development and empowerment, it is also about bringing positive changes to the world around us. Not only becoming empowered and positive women, but where you feel able, to do something practical and constructive also.

We are working on a more detailed list and producing downloads and worksheets. We would very much welcome ideas to add, and we are happy to list them with your name, as contributor, on then.

Please do send in your ideas, what works and what doesn't.