Red Tent Events

We have been running irregular Red Tent events alongside the monthly Goddess Circles for several years. Due to increased demand we are now planning regular gatherings in and around Sussex and Hampshire.

The concept of a 'Red Tent' gathering is age old, and we are now seeing a fast growing re-emergence around the globe. The name 'Red Tent' coming from the brilliant book by Anita Diamant which we recommend you read.

Women have gathered in Circles for all time, watching over the children, sharing work together, passing on the knowledge and skills of daily tasks and chores, as well as the passage of life in their world.

Greenman WalkA Red Tent set up for International Women's Day in Bognor Regis 2015, by My Sisters' House CIC and The Goddess Foundation.

The colour of red is presumably chosen due to the blood in women's life, and the colour offering a safe, womb like feel to this Sacred Space. In the 'Red Tent', wisdom is shared about birth, puberty, pregnancy, menopause, the ageing years and how to deal with death. Everything to do with emotions, joy, laughter, depression, relationships and much, much more.

Whilst The Goddess Foundation encourage and set up monthly Goddess Circles and offer regular workshops, there is something special about a 'Red Tent', be that actual or created with fabric and colour in a room. Being surrounded by that beautiful, comforting and Sacred colour, the womb like feel creates a calming and peaceful space for women to share for the more intimate and Sacred subjects.

Greenman WalkSome of our past events

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