2018 Diary Dates

The Goddess Foundation
Our Spiral Workshop in Bognor Regis


17th June 2018 - 8th Annual Greenman Walk, West Sussex

This is a family event based just outside Arundel in West Sussex. The day consists of a walk, social picnic, 'Hunt the Greenman', and this year we will be introducing a ritual to the event. This will be right at the end so those who do not wish to take part don't have to miss any other part of the day.
The 'Hunt the Greenman' is where Greenman items, kindly donated by CK from www.the-greenman-man.co.uk, are hidden amongst the trees for everyone to go find.
Join us on the Facebook page to keep track of this event - Sussex Annual Greenman Walk

7th July 2018 - 7th Annual Sisterhood Gathering at Avebury Stone Circle

For the 7th year, we will be enjoying our informal Sisterhood Gathering at this amazing place. There is so much to see here, that we only meet in the afternoon to allow everyone who goes there for the day the time to enjoy other aspects. Join us for all or part of this gathering, women and children only at this one. This year we will be introducing more of a ritual that will take place at 3.30pm. The rest of the day will be based around eating, chatting, getting to know each other, inspirational conversation, drumming, chanting and anything else anyone would like to bring to the gathering.

This event takes place on the first Saturday of July each year. Please contact us via the contact page for more info or join us on our Goddess Foundation Facebook page.

December 2018 (Date to be confirmed) - Winter Solstice Celebration

Venue and date to be decided, but this will be a celebratory event for the festive season. Shared food, shared entertainment so bring along your songs, chants, drums and words. Be entertained by the Winter Solstice Mummers Play where the Holy King and Oak King battle it out for the crown. Closing with a Winter Solstice Ritual to take you into the wonderful winter festivities. Whatever your beliefs, come along and join the fun.


Workshops - Details to follow soon.

We are currently working on booking venues, and planning our 2018 workshops. We plan to do 4 this year, currently thinking; Colours and how they affect us day to day, Sexuality and Feminine Power, Balance and what that means in our lives, and either a Samhain workshop or Winter Solstice.

There will also be at least one workshop about starting and running a Goddess Circle. What is it all about, how do you get women there, and what do you do when you get them there.

If you would like a Goddess Foundation workshop in your area, have suggestions for subjects, or would like to volunteer your skills/services, please do contact us via the contact page or Facebook.

The cost of these workshops is kept as low as possible, but there is a cost to all things. We set a minimum dontation but ask if you can please offer more. Likewise, if you genuinely can not afford the minimum donation, please talk to us as we don't turn anyone away who has a genuine financial hardship. Many women would benefit from this type of workshop, but sadly most are at a considerable cost and out of the price range of too many. We at the Goddess Foundation try and make our workshops available to all, regardless of finances, but do ask those who can, to contribute fairly. We at the Goddess Foundation work on a voluntary basis so we can keep the costs as low as we can.