Worthing Goddess Circle

After well over a year of many women being interested and trying to get this Goddess Circle started, we had an initial meeting in January 2014. Our first actual Worthing Goddess Circle went ahead on 19th February 2014 and has been monthly from then on.

We are lucky enough to have Carole, who currently very kindly offers her lovely flat to host our meetings. Her flat is spacious, right on the sea front and gives a wonderful view of the sea, the moon and the countryside. Our very grateful thanks to Carole.

We now have almost a 'full house' with room for just two more as at January 2018.

Greenman Walk

We meet on the 2nd Wednesday each month, from 7.15pm to 9.30pm. Carole offers us refreshments, and we each sometimes bring along something to contribute to that such as biscuits, cakes, fruit juice or a pint of milk. In 2018 we are planning on sharing the hosting with whoever would like to open their home as well.

We aim to do at least one meditation each time, and enjoy healthy, empowering and inspirational conversation between us. We have had a good variety of ages, which adds to the wealth of shared wisdom.

We start the evening with joys and woes, anything we want to share that can be either positive or negative. We go on to discuss anything about women in the news – good or bad. Followed by a meditation to relax before we move onto the theme of the evening.

The idea of taking turns in facilitating, or sharing by each taking an active part in our Circle works well. Normally two of us facilitate an evening together, each working on a separate part of the evening, then everyone else is welcome to contribute anything relevant that they choose; poems, stories, activities etc. Facilitating is optional, nobody is pressured into taking a turn. An actual planning evening is beneficial at the start of each New Year (whatever date you choose that to be), so that everyone has an input in the Circle plans, and consequently their own, development.

As well as the obvious introductory evenings when new women join us when we have shared much of who we are and our individual paths, we have covered many self-development and spiritual subjects. We include each Sabbat in our Circles and any relevant subject that goes with that theme. This is also a good opportunity to discuss other beliefs and customs. We also discuss various annual events such as International Women's Day and Earth Day.

We have also discussed the plight of other women in this country and around the globe, and would like to focus on some kind of charity or case, where by we can raise awareness and do something positive to change a woman / women's lives.

We are looking forward to continuing our Worthing Goddess Circle in numbers and activities in 2018 and over future years, as we evolve as women, in Sisterhood, and as a group.

Greenman Walk

Some of our ideas for future Goddess Circle evenings - Suggestions for themes:-

Numerology – exploring the numerology of our names and numerology in general.

Women's issues – both locally and globally. Awareness of the many aspects that affect women around the globe. Discussing what we can do about any of it by way of raising awareness, protest sites such as 38 degrees, and what specific charity/woman/group we would like to actively work with or for, to make a difference. To quote one suggestion:-'To help alleviate suffering, discrimination (because of gender) in oppressed women world-wide.'

Chakras – understanding more about our chakras. Meditation on balancing them and how to maintain this for ourselves. More in depth study of each chakra and what it means. Discuss chakras of the country/world.

Divination in more depth – exploring various methods. Using cards on a more regular basis and working on improving intuition with them. Focusing on intuition could be done not just with cards, but ribbon reading, colours, crystals.

Mediumship – discussing how we feel about communication with spirit, and deciding if we wish to explore this further. Discuss Spiritualist Churches, and how they work/develop.

Meditation – make sure we do at least one meditation each time, and an evening on various types of meditation.

Women in religion. Though we have touched on the Sacred Feminine, perhaps we could look more in depth at women in various religions/cultures/nationalities and how it effects the lives of women within them.

Goddess and the Sacred Feminine – discussed in previous evenings, but maybe a more in depth focus on what Goddess means to each of us. Explore various Goddesses on this evening and on a regular basis, from the historical point of view, their strengths, and how the story of each cross matches across various paths such as Celtic, Greek, Roman and even religions such as Christianity. Gods could be included in this also and the comparison of the males strengths and the feminine strengths.

Self-Esteem – as part of the purpose of these Goddess Circles is general self-development as well as spiritual-development, perhaps we could spend some evenings discussing various issues of raising self-esteem. Suggestions being issues such as; overcoming negative thinking, self image, assertiveness as opposed to aggression, body language, balance in our lives, health and well being and the effect on the mind, de-activating the button list/triggers, overcoming self-limiting beliefs and how we get them, etc etc.

Vision boards and affirmations – it would be good to discuss this and do something practical. Maybe not just to create the vision boards, but also to decide on our own affirmations and create ourselves a reminder.

Plan a few trips out - to other Spiritual places or events. Perhaps summer evenings we could meet on the beach, or take a trip to the trees (car sharing).

Book reading & discussing – discussing books that we have found particularly interesting or helpful on our paths. Maybe suggesting and agreeing on particular books, all reading them between our meetings and discuss them at the next Circle.

Energy – having discussed before, we could go back to discuss in more depth our own energy, how it changes with how we feel about ourselves and our moods, and how that effects our interaction with others.

Profiles – create a profile for each of us for the Worthing Goddess Circle Journal
Content suggestions, but can include whatever you want to share:-

  • Name, age and/or birth date
  • Spiritual views / spiritual path
  • What Goddess means to you
  • Hobbies, likes, interests
  • Family
  • Goals, dreams, desires
  • What you would like to get from this Circle
  • What you would like to offer this Circle.
  • How you feel about womens place in this society.
  • Any particular womens issues that you are passionate about.