Our Aims and Objectives

To create a Global Sisterhood for individual spiritual and self development in our own unique paths. To then work together to bring about positive social change. To work together without ego for the good of the global community.

Goddess Circles

An ongoing project to establish a global Sisterhood.

A network of women to work together and support each other to achieve
self empowerment, individual spiritual development and a better world. Raising feminine energies worldwide to bring back the gender balance and
consequently a balance in all things.

Working together both spiritually and practically on issues and campaigns to improve society. To move forward and support others to do likewise, in taking more responsibility


To organise celebration days, festivals, social gatherings, workshops and events – all to encourage spiritual and self development, to share support and wisdom. To start more Goddess Circles and encourage more Sacred Spaces for Women.

At the gatherings we will meditate together and use our energies to bring about positive changes.

Spiritual Retreats and Women's Centres

The development of Spiritual Retreats to provide a peaceful and tranquil setting amongst nature to further one's chosen path.

The development of Women's Centres for support, education, inspiration, friendship, health and well being.

Charity Shops/Spiritual Drop In Centres

To financially support the work and to provide a facility to promote our community. Space permitting, to provide a meeting place.

What others have said about us

  • H Y wrote:

    I feel more healthy, more empowered, more alive

  • C N wrote:

    I don't feel so alone. The workshop was empowering and very motivating.

  • K G wrote:

    Very well organised and very much needed.....and Morgana's dance workshop was wonderful"

Join Us ?

We are always looking at new ways to encourage participation, whether that is at events or Goddess Circles throughout the country. You can even keep track of what's happening on our facebook pages and join in with some of the current debates and actvities online

Feel free to like the link and come along with your comments and suggestions.