The Goddess Foundation began in Littlehampton, Sussex, having evolved from Circle of The Old Ways. COTOW used to have an esoteric 'charity shop' come spiritual centre where we held various groups such as meditation, discussion groups, spiritual and self-development, Pagan groups, Buddhist groups, and of course Goddess Circles. When the premises closed in 2007, the Goddess Circle moved venue with a regular group of women attending.

More and more women seemed to be interested in coming together in Goddess Circles so I decided to build on that. I then decided to form TGF and became immersed in the bigger picture.  The Goddess Foundation was officially set up on 1 May 2009 with myself (Annabell Alexander), Emma Orpin and Helen Oram. Due to other commitments, Helen and Emma had to retire from TGF, and for two years Marie Davenport stepped in to help organise events and keep things running. Sadly, Marie also had to take a step back when she returned to work.  With the growth of interest, The Goddess Foundation now has many women who take on various parts of the running of the organisation, events, publicity and even just brainstorming to keep it fresh..

meditation 2We have women all across the country interested in Goddess Circles and letting us know of various groups and gatherings they run.  We constantly receive praise for the publicity and work that we do.  We even have interest from America, Australia, Africa and Spain.

2012 saw our first Annual Sisterhood Gathering at Avebury Stone Circle in Wiltshire.  We had a brilliant day and welcomed women from Milton Keynes, Greenwich,  East Sussex, West Sussex, Glastonbury and more.  We are looking to expand this idea as the interest grows.

The Sisterhood is growing!


Join Us ?

We are always looking at new ways to encourage participation, whether that is at events or Goddess Circles throughout the country. You can even keep track of what's happening on our facebook pages and join in with some of the current debates and actvities online

Feel free to like the link and come along with your comments and suggestions.