Frequently Asked Questions

We have thought long and hard about this issue and to date have decided against becoming a registered charity. Our reason's are that we feel it restricts some of the work we can do as the charity commission lays down certain rules for activities we could become involved with. It involves a great deal more paperwork and costs. We are currently running as a 'not for profit organisation run by volunteers'. However, we are looking in to the possibility of making The Goddess Foundation a Community Interest Company - much research to do!
Definitely not! Not only do we celebrate the feminine, but we embrace the fact that there needs to be a balance in all things. There is a lack of balance throughout our society and we believe most of these issues would be resolved by males and females working together side by side in equal strengths. We are female focused to re-address this balance.

The thought of a female only organisation and female empowerment seems to pose a threat to some men. We do not aim to take over the world, nor are we saying we are better, simply that it is time for women to take back their power and their rightful place side by side with men.

No! We certainly do not hate men. In fact we don't exclude them from everything we do. There are some very supportive and wonderful partners amongst our menfolk who do all they can to help. We also organise mixed gatherings and events, in fact it is the men that mainly organise the Greenman Walk for our Summer Solstice Celebration.

The re-emergence of feminine spirituality and empowerment is not necessarily a religious issue.  Whilst most of our organising group are of an earth based belief, we do not consider ourselves to be a religious organisation. The ways of The Goddess as a way of life, is about connection with nature, respect for oneself and each other, and respect and reverence for the planet.  It is an acknowledgement that it is for each of us to find our own path, and that others should be given the same courtesy.

We embrace diversity and believe we can learn much from each other regardless of religion, and whether we agree or not. The Goddess Foundation aims to bring women of all faiths together with the same goal of female empowerment, self and spiritual development,  and helping others on many levels around the globe for the betterment of our own lives and the society in which we live.

Whatever one's beliefs, there are profound words written in all sacred texts, the most prominent being the promotion of love. The bible has a classic example of who is my neighbour.  The parable of love thy neighbour is as powerful a message today as it was when it was written.  Love, peace and compassion is the key, not religion.


Regardless of what religion or belief, The Goddess Foundation embraces the Sisterhood of the Sacred Feminine throughout all, and the power and support that the connection brings.

We live in a very male dominated world and it is important for there to be a balance between genders if we are to see a return to balance in society. Peace, justice, truth, tolerance and economic justice.

Raising feminine energies is embracing and celebrating the fact we are women.

Building a global Sisterhood and supporting and helping women that are in need.

Encouraging women to take their rightful place in society, alongside and equal to men. We use the quote often from United Nations who believe that the empowerment of women is necessary to resolve many world problems. Please see the front page for the quote and a link to their website.

By communication between the Sisterhood.

Encouraging and supporting Goddess Circles.

Organising gatherings and events.

To share wisdom, skills, friendship, fun, and encouragement.

For those who choose to do so, to get involved in projects and campaigns.

Share and build a passion for positive change.

Any woman with an open mind and a loving heart who sees a need for positive change.

Whether a woman considers herself already empowered or still on the journey, we each have something to offer and something to learn from each other, for in truth our journey is life long.

There will be some events to embrace all age ranges, and others that will be adult only due to the need for a peaceful and quiet environment for such things as meditation. Membership will be over 18 only.

There will be those whose youth means they need to absorb wisdom and knowledge like a sponge, yet they will bring an innocent and simple wisdom that some may have forgotten.

There will be those with young families whose energies to share may be limited whilst they nurture and love their young. They may offer a compassionate and loving wisdom.

There will be those who have had their time of campaigning and seeking and are now content to just be. They may have much wisdom to offer from life experience.

All of these stages of life and every stage in between will have much to share, help and encourage each of us on our journeys.

We do in Littlehampton because we in our Circle chose to, but rituals are not necessarily part of Goddess Circles generally.  However, some may choose to do rituals and ceremonies from another or various beliefs.  This very much depends on the individuals at each location and what they decide to do.

The Goddess Foundation was founded in Littlehampton by Annabell and some friends who supported the work she was doing.  Annabell leads open rituals, handfastings and various rites of passage ceremonies and facilitates various ceremonies for anyone who would like to take part.   Whilst these large gatherings are a very powerful way for feminine energies to come together to heal some of the 'ills of the world',  these are not actually run as part of The Goddess Foundation.

Whilst Annabell and others in Littlehampton enjoy Goddess based ceremonies, it would be wonderful if women from other faiths join us, to see their female based rituals and ceremonies.  Embracing diversity brings understanding and a sharing of wisdom.  We welcome information about the female aspect of other beliefs to add to this website.

Goddess Circles are groups of women who come together with an open mind and a loving heart, in various locations in a confidential, non-judgemental gathering to share their compassion, support and wisdom, to understand their connection with each other and Mother Earth. To be among other beautiful and inspirational women to share thoughts and emotions that are sacred to our own unique path. To give and receive, to laugh and cry together, to have fun and friendship and to celebrate and understand our womanhood.

All with a common goal, for self empowerment and spiritual development, and with an aim to grow to an International Sisterhood Community, whilst raising the global feminine energies.

Where possible, we meet in each others homes. It may be the case that some Circles need to organise a meeting room if that is not possible. Each Goddess Circle needs at least one co-ordinator, so that women can come together and all offer their wisdom equally.

It is important to realise that these Goddess Circles are not professional counselling services. Whilst we are there to support each other in our own paths, it is for each woman to take responsibility for their own issues and seek out professional guidance where necessary. There is a list of professional organisations on the links page of the website.

This will very much depend on the women in each circle. We do encourage emphasis on meditation, as many of our answers are within and when we are at peace. We particularly encourage the Global Sisterhood Meditation to be worked on a regular basis in whatever format you choose, as this is part of the magic we weave to help our Sisters worldwide and to bond together as a Sisterhood.

We encourage women to be aware of issues around the globe relating to women, these of course also effect society generally. Just making each other aware of news items is a start, but do try and take whatever part you can in making changes. This could be actively or by signing and promoting online petitions such as 38degrees and Avaaz.

There may be a particular cause you would like to promote within The Goddess Foundation. Please do contact us so we can put mention on the website, or join us on Facebook. There will be various projects we work on as an organisation that each Circle is welcome to take part in.

Journal writing is also encouraged to keep track of your own personal journey. We also ask each Circle to keep a group journal to keep a colourful and fun record of activities together, to show and share at the Sisterhood gatherings.

Celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, the seasons changing, religious festivals, achievements, International Women's Day, Fair trade fortnight, International Day of Peace – anything you decide as a group.

Constructive and respectful discussions are always empowering.

Don't forget the fun element though, cooking together, eating together and laughing together are very uplifting and bonding.

Trips out, visit some sacred sites and buildings, countryside or beach walks. Even a meal out.

Other than that, it depends very much on what skills, passions or ideas the women in each Circle have.

There are worksheets and ideas on the website. This is a community, as such we welcome contributions and suggestions for inclusion.

As an organisation, the annual membership is FREE.

Of course you are welcome to make a donation if your finances allow. We have people who are not part of a Goddess Circle who contribute £10 per month by standing order just to support our work, and it has been known for anything up to £40 per month. It really depends on your finances and how much you believe in the work we are doing. Payments can be made by cash at our events, cheque or Paypal.

On a meeting by meeting basis, there may be the cost of a hall or room you must cover together. If the meeting is in someone's home, you must decide as a group how you choose to fund this. You may decide to take it in turns at each others homes. You may decide to always meet at the same home and set an amount to cover refreshments or all bring something to share. The Littlehampton Circle decided to put £2 per person per meeting in the 'pot'. £1 goes into the actual Goddess Foundation funds to help cover costs. The remainder, if the person who's turn it is to bring the cake so needs, they can have the cost refunded. They have decided that offering drinks are just part of having guests. The remaining contributions are used for materials for activities, or a meal out if they so choose if left at the end of the year.

If you need help sorting this, we can discuss together when helping you to set the Goddess Circle up.

It is early days and our numbers are yet few, though growing fast. Please contact us if you would like to be part of a Goddess Circle and if there is nothing in your area we will do our best to start one.

We will be there to help you all the way. More details are available for members, and someone will be happy to discuss this with you.

Eventually, there will probably be events and gatherings organised by various Goddess Circles with our help where needed. Meanwhile, we will strive to put on as many events and gatherings as we can in as many locations as we can. Initially, as we are based in Littlehampton they will be around the South East to start with. The development of this will depend very much on our funding from membership and grants we can obtain. We will endeavour to keep the cost of entry to a minimum.

Some will be arranged by us, but each woman will pay for her stay. For example, Michelle from Hampshire organised a gathering at a Sustainability Centre which has a fee per night and women bring food to share. In Sussex we organise gatherings at a camp site where by everyone books themselves in individually and again we bring food to share.

Events will be varied. Some will be as the Goddess Circles where women just come together to share their friendship and wisdom, some will be purely social, some will be ceremonies, some will be open days to celebrate our womanhood. It may be fun to organise one day where many of the Goddess Circles offer something to entertain and we put on an informal 'show' together! The list of ideas could be endless.

We aim on at least one Goddess Day event per year that is open to families including our lovely menfolk !

If you have any other questions you would like to ask, or suggestions you wish to make, please do contact us. We very much look forward to hearing from you.


The Goddess Foundation was formed to provide information, inspiration and safe gathering space for women from all walks of life. We do not teach, we do not discriminate, and we embrace diversity. We encourage spiritual and self development whilst each person retains their own unique path, by supporting and sharing wisdom and friendship.

We are a voluntary group that aims to empower women where ever they are throughout the world, and by doing so encourage a more balanced society where women are regarded as equals to the males in their own right. We believe stronger women will make for a more compassionate and just society.

We are a not for profit organisation and many of our workshops are heavily funded through our own fund raising efforts at various shows and events throughout the South East of England.

The aim is empowerment rather than personal gain. In a world where greed is now the accepted norm, we believe that the ethics of The Goddess Foundation should be that everything we do is transparent - be that our workshops, our finances and our backgrounds.

If you have any questions please do not be afraid to ask.