Goddess Circles

The idea of being part of The Goddess Foundation, is that the Goddess Circles can interact with each other and visit each other, as well as coming together on a regular basis at the various Sisterhood Gatherings, to further the sharing of wisdom and friendship. This keeps the ideas fresh, allows us all to meet more like minded women, and of course it grows the energies of the Sisterhood.

The intention is to work together, not just within each Circle, but within the whole of our Sisterhood. As the Sisterhood grows, eventually the ideas and the website should be the product of us all, with contributions from everyone. That includes your suggestions for the gatherings and events we plan to offer, as well as ideas for the Goddess Circles. As we move forward, so too will the ideas and input from the community.

Whilst each Goddess Circle will always need at least one co-ordinator to make sure everyone agrees dates etc, it is important for all of the members to recognise the moment for that group to take on it's own life after the initial set up is complete. Each woman attending should be encouraged to contribute their wisdoms, it is actually very empowering.

This can be anything from sharing wisdom of an holistic therapy, crystals, medicinal herbs, to cooking. In these times of so many allergies, this can be a real bonus. Or discuss between you what you want to focus on and learn together or invite someone in from another Circle to share that wisdom.

Grow the Sisterhood as you share friendship and wisdom!

Circle workshops

Goddess circles can be established anywhere. They can be outdoor events once a year or monthly gatherings at someones home. The choice is yours.

Join Us ?

We are always looking at new ways to encourage participation, whether that is at events or Goddess Circles throughout the country. You can even keep track of what's happening on our facebook pages and join in with some of the current debates and actvities online

Feel free to like the link and come along with your comments and suggestions.